ZOOOOOOM / ZOOM to the composition, margins


“ZOOM” is a concept or theme established by the artist, Ryusuke Sano,
to allow for flexibility in the creation of his works.
This concept is very important when appreciating Sano’s works.
It refers to the behavior of the artist, who uses his experiences, memories,
and the archives that have accumulated in his brain as the foundation
for his work, and then releases them onto the canvas.
He says that “reinterpreting a lot of things that have been piled up from my point of view”
in today’s environment of information overload.
It could be called an experiment through contemporary art.


In this exhibition, the emphasis is on “ZOOM to the composition, margins”.


His art style is based on a scrap-and-build approach to motifs,
and he dares to lack canonical compositions, axes, and centers.
His works upset the viewer’s emotions, imagination, and even perception.
His unregulated expression method are figurative and abstract, drawing and painting.
Sometimes layering colors, sometimes breaking up the figuration of the subject,
sometimes erasing the abstract into white to form …… layers.
The works are arranged as elements that can be understood from multiple angles
while changing in layers depending on the viewpoint and perception of each individual viewer.


Sano learns art by himself and he is not biased toward any particular style or method,
but rather he broke the harmony, the equilibrium to create a serious tension in his work.
Bold coloring is responsible for the impact, but at the same time,
he uses both toned-down colors and cedes space to vivid spaces.
This is to highlight and maintain the independence of each material
while bringing an overarching cohesiveness to the work.


If you maintain a sense of distance from the work and view it from a distance,
it looks like a landscape or an abstract painting,
but if you step in and look at it up close, it takes on a figurative quality.
Such a composition in which macro and micro elements interact with each other
can be explained as a depiction typical of Ryusuke Sano’s works.


The works of Ryusuke Sano, which are layered with many images
and can be interpreted in a variety of ways, push at the viewers
and sometimes try to draw them in, as if they were swallowed up by their body.
We face ZOOM with a real feeling.



Photos by Masahiro Yamamoto


“Ryusuke Sano; Works of Art – Collection of works by Ryusuke Sano” his first book
of works will be published at the same time as his solo exhibition in July 2022.
The book includes drawings, earlier works, and the artist’s work life.
Total number of pages including cover is 196p.
The book is bound in scrum binding, with no non-numbers,
and is intended to be displayed as a spreadable art piece.
You are free to enjoy Sano’s method of deconstruction and reconstruction as it is.
The Special Edition, which includes sketches, is limited to 30 copies,
and the Dripping Edition is limited to 100 copies, all signed and numbered.



Photos by Masahiro Yamamoto, Genki Arata


ZOOOOOOM / ZOOM to the composition, margins


2022.7.2 sat2022.7.23 sat

12:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Sundays, Mondays and 7.21 thu