Remembering The Wind


MU GALLERY is pleased to present “Remembering The Wind” by ayaka nakamura from 11/5(sat) to 11/19(sat).

Born in Tokyo in 1988.
In 2013, graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting, Department of Printmaking.

With the theme of “existence of life”, he works on paintings and videos with the aim of creating delicate and powerful screens.
Published in 100 Videographers 2015 (BNN Publishing).
The live painting of the 7m wide and 3m high panel at Roppongi Art Night in 2016 was well received.

Live painting will be done at events.
In recent years, he has been staying in the United States, Denmark, and China.
Large rookie excavation art contest “ARTIST NEW GATE” won the 1st Grand Prix.

nakamura draws the memories, emotions, and life that she feels in the landscapes.

She begins by capturing everyday scenes in photographs and video, and then paints to create multiple layers of energy in the landscape by acrylic.

The improvised accumulation of lines and materials represents the movement and gathering of life, and the paintings between abstraction and figuration lead to the landscape of the viewer’s memory.

About 20 works, including new works, will be exhibited and sold at this exhibition. nakamura’s delicate and powerful paintings evoke the strength and delicacy of life that are not reflected in the visible landscape.









Remembering The Wind

ayaka nakamura

2022.11.5 sat – 2022.11.19 sat

12:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Sundays, Mondays


Opening reception 11/5sat 16:00-20:00