Mement Mori


MU GALLERY is pleased to present “Memento Mori” by FRAGILE 11/4(sat) to 11/18(sat).



The title of this exhibition, “Memento Mori,” directly translates from Latin as “Remember you must die.

” The word ‘death’ might initially make one recoil, but I choose to interpret it in a positive light, as an invitation to enjoy the present to the fullest, as if we could die at any moment. It was my concern for rescued dogs and cats that inspired my work on the theme “Fragile Creatures,”

but in recent years, we humans, not just pets, have also felt the presence of death more closely through the pandemic and wars. At the same time, we have become accustomed to the depersonalized tally of lives lost, to the point where many of us have approached these numbers with near indifference.

The span of a human life is an insignificant flash in the grand scale of the universe, just a brief moment in the small flow of a capitalist society on a tiny planet. Life is precious yet incredibly fragile, and this sentiment resonates with how the creatures in my works are depicted—like cheap toys with balloon bodies.

Obsessing over the present is a sure path to burnout. I choose to release some pressure and relax into life’s embrace because whatever is seriously troubling me now would seem ridiculous if tomorrow never came.











Memento Mori


2023.11.4 sat – 2023.11.18 sat

12:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Sundays, Mondays