I saw the view of public area.


MU GALLERY is pleased to present “I saw the view of public area.” by Yohei Takahasi 5/11(sat) to 5/25(sat). 

Yohei Takahashi started his career in the late 2000s with live painting in clubs.
After that, he paints murals as his primary medium.

In recent years, he has also painted tableaus.
The motifs are based on scenes encountered during walks, and are expressed using color schemes, composition,
and brushstrokes cultivated in the course of mural painting.

Project for experimental mural painting ”Wallternatives” organized with painter Yusei Sagawa.






Message from Yohei Takahashi for this exhibition


My walks are accompanied by a leisurely time.
For example, go out without thinking, walk while talking to someone, or take a walk with my children.

The title of the solo exhibition “I saw the view of public area.” is an expression of “what I paint”.

I found a “walk” theme that allows me to spend time in my own way.
It was inspired by my desire to paint something that felt right to me.

Cutting it from my own perspective from a sight for anyone to see and expressing it in my own way of drawing from a sight for anyone to see .
I have been painting for four years now, thinking that this would be the inevitable thing for me to paint.

I create my works with the feeling of vacuum-packing the impressions of the scenery I encounter on my walks so that I will never forget them.

I will show the culmination of my artworks at this point in time in this solo exhibition,
and will continue to work on the theme of “walking” in the future.






I saw the view of public area.

Yohei Takahashi

2024.5.11 sat – 2024.5.25 sat

12:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Sundays and Mondays