MU GALLERY is pleased to present “7MOTIONS” by Ryohei Yamashita 6/1(sat) to 6/15(sat).


Ryohei Yamashita

Born in Fukuoka and lives in Shonan.

Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design.

His main theme is dynamism.

After working in street art in Fukuoka,
he moved to Kanagawa Prefecture in 2002 and began creating art.

His representative artworks are the Samurai and Athlete series.

His artworks have been used in public art for the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line,
Toyota Motor Corporation calendar, Mizuho Financial Group advertising visuals,
Sapporo Black Label Hakone Ekiden can artwork, and other projects.

In 2015, he won the “E-Plus Award” at the art fair UNKNOWN ASIA.






Ryohei Yamashita has been challenging the consistent theme of “movementexpression in the contemporary art scene.

This exhibition provides an opportunity to return deeply to the origins of expression through a group of works filled with dynamism.

He uses symbolic motifs such as athletes and samurai.

He painted their powerful and delicate movements with his distinctive touch.

These artworks depict the inner life and passions of the figures brought out by the movement.

Ryohei Yamashita strives to find the ultimate in beauty in the moment of human “movement”.

Every physical movement that cuts the wind and makes the water dance.

He paints these movements on canvas with bold compositions and brushstrokes that fill the canvas with his own physique.

The theme continues to evolve, seeking themes in the various moments that unfold from the dynamic beauty of the competition,
such as the imagination of the competitors in the form of landscapes, and the sentiments of the four seasons as well.

In 2020, his work was featured as stained glass art at Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line,
demonstrating new possibilities for art in public spaces.

Since then, his artworks have been widely recognized and continues to make a deep impression on many people.

In this solo exhibition, the first in Tokyo in two years, approximately 20 works in oil and acrylic paint will be exhibited and sold.

In addition, a dream collaboration artworks with “Kingdom”
which was realized at the direct request of manga artist Yasuhisa Hara will also be on special display.

Visitors will be able to see a new form of creation born from the fusion of different genres.

This exhibition will be an excellent opportunity to trace Ryohei Yamashita’s artistic trajectory
and immerse oneself in his worldview.








Ryohei Yamashita

2024.6.1 sat – 2024.6.15 sat

12:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Sundays, Mondays